Clive Lavagna is a London-based figurative painter specialising in landscapes and cityscapes.His travels takes him to different countries where he makes detail sketches of images he would later work on in his studio in London. The sketches help him focus in the memories, time, and atmosphere of the place. He prepares his own collage in assorted patterns which he then pastes over the board in related blocks of colour giving him a basic coloured surface to work on. Sometimes he adds gesso in different thicknesses and patterns giving the board a textured surface. Using a palette of strong colours together with translucent glazes he applies paint onto the treated board creating multiple perspectives that seduces the viewer across the picture, The result is a lush tapestry of colour which has a sense of the dramatic and theatrical that makes the painting come alive.

Clive also works with etching, linocuts, and lithography. He has exhibited extensively in London, Spain and Gibraltar.

Originally from Gibraltar Clive lived his early life in Spain, Morocco and his home town before moving to London where he studied theatre design at The English Design School. After graduation he worked as a scenographer creating acclaimed designs for hundreds of theatre and television productions before deciding to focus on his paintings.

His productions in London include A Swell Party, Cole Porter, Vaudeville Theatre, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Northern Ballet, Sadlers Wells Theatre, Purcell’s Fairy Queen with William Christie and Les Art Florissants at The Middle Temple.The Eagle Has Two Heads, Chichester Festival Theatre. Neat and Tidy for American Television and the long running television series Desmond’s.

EXHIBITIONS 2001 - 2015



Clarendon Fine Art Gallery, London
National Society of Artists, London
Martins Gallery, Cheltenham
Llewellyn Alexander Gallery, London - 2
Royal Pastel, Mall Gallery
National Print Exhibition, Mall Gallery
Morley Printmakers, St Bride Foundation
Art for Youth, Royal College of Art - 2
Original Print, Mall Gallery
Made ’05 Morley Gallery - 3
Contemporary British Theatre Design, London
Gibraltar International Art Exhibition, Gibraltar - 10
Fine Art Association Summer Exhibition, Gibraltar